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street photography

2022: A Top 5

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Though hardly groundbreaking, I have often found the tail-end of the calendar to be a good time for reflection. A moment to look forward to the new year and make plans. A time to look back on the previous 12… Read More »2022: A Top 5

Le Retour

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Le Retour (the return) was my first exhibition after returning to photography from a break of over a decade. The exhibition contained 15 prints of street photography shot in 2021 during the slow return from social distancing and lockdowns. The… Read More »Le Retour

Le retour – Vernissage

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I’m delighted to say that my first street photography exhibition in Poland is now open. The exhibition is called “Le retour” and runs from 15th January until 20th February. It is displayed in tandem with my friend, Piotr Gago’s exhibition… Read More »Le retour – Vernissage

People, mostly

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…I will simply say then that outside of the excitement of writing a new song or mastering a piece of music, I feel no bigger feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction than filling a frame with something that I find visually arresting in the hope that others may also. I may occasionally clumsily try to tell a story with them also. Those frames almost always involves people in some way or another. And, occasionally, dogs.