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On Photography

Mannequins in a pile in a shop window in Glasgow

On Practice

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The first time I remember hearing the joke, I was on the second floor of a block of flats in the Cairnhill area of Airdrie. A young boy, sitting warming in front of a 3-bar fire. With the smell of… Read More »On Practice

The Importance of Anticipation

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My fascination with the exceptional work of the masters of street photography tends to come not from the photographer’s technical prowess, compositional expertise, or excellence of the prints, but from their preternatural ability to find themselves in the right place,… Read More »The Importance of Anticipation

Free Palestine! part. 1

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Having spent an adulthood protesting the occupation of Palestine, and the last month and a half watching the results of evident war crimes committed by a far-right settler-colonialist government of Israel, from the point of view of a smartphone screen,… Read More »Free Palestine! part. 1

We Sink Ships

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I don’t remember when I met Heidi Kuisma, but I do remember that I had found a kindred spirit. A Finn, at that time living in Glasgow, Heidi was (and still is) a talented, creative photographer who moved in similar… Read More »We Sink Ships

On Wearing Good Shoes

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Cons. Chucks. Hi-tops. Gutties. Whatever you call them, Converse Chuck Taylors have long been my favoured flavour of footwear, beating Adidas Samba to the finish by the width of only a shoelace. While great footwear for hanging around a record… Read More »On Wearing Good Shoes

Reviewing Past Work

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Nestling underneath my spasmodic impostor syndrome, I am told I have the particular affliction of being far too hard on myself. The practical upshot of this, of course, is that photographs good enough to make my edit, don’t. I see… Read More »Reviewing Past Work