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Le retour – Vernissage

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I’m delighted to say that my first street photography exhibition in Poland is now open. The exhibition is called “Le retour” and runs from 15th January until 20th February. It is displayed in tandem with my friend, Piotr Gago’s exhibition of his paintings, “Memory Games”. Le retour contains 15 photographs from 2021, the year that I returned to photography after a decade in music.

In Le retour, I chose a collection of photographs that best represents the humanism, the humour, the irony, and – at times – the surrealism of my street photography.

At the vernissage, I was surprised, delighted, humbled, and touched by the reception the photographs received. I can’t thank the audience enough for the warm welcome. Thank you to Sylwia Krzemianowska and Mariusz Płoszaj-Mazurek from Ckio Podkowa Leśna who gave me the opportunity to present my photographs. Thanks also to Piotr Gago who introduced me. Finally, thank you to my partner, Marta, who has the patience of a saint in tolerating this artist.

Below are some photos from the vernissage taken by Małgorzata Jola Kalinowska and Marta Lityńska. I will add the exhibition to this website when it finishes its run.

Prints on Canson Infinity archival paper are available to buy. You can contact me via Ckio, or directly via this website.

Le retour at Ckio Podkowa Leśna (Lilpopa 18) runs from 15th January until 20th February 2022

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