People, Mostly

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It’s hard to express why it was street photography that grabbed me in the manner that it did. Much has been written about street or documentary photography over the years and many cliches now fill books and blogs the world over, and I imagine may come to fill mine.

That said, I must admit I sat quietly, and in truth anxiously, for much longer than I could spare trying to decide how best to introduce this collection without self-important declarations of my ‘process’ etc. Avoiding talk of following my idols, or of chasing decisive moments seemed wise.

I will simply say then that outside of the excitement of writing a new song or mastering a piece of music, I feel no bigger burst of accomplishment or satisfaction than filling a frame with something that I find visually arresting and catching it in the hope that others may also. I may also occasionally clumsily try to tell a story with them. Those frames almost always involves people in some way or another. And, occasionally, dogs.

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