To be a Southpaw

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It started early, at school. Back in the dark days of the mid-eighties, when teachers were less – let’s say – enlightened as they may be now. Those were the days of jumpers for goalposts, chalk on blackboards, and ‘right to write’. Left-handedness, even then, was a source of trouble. Left-handed – sinistral, southpaw, cack-handed, […]


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For the less nerdy among readers, Equipboard is a community of users where musicians (or fans of musicians) can create profiles listing the gear that they use. For the less known among us, it’s a nice way of sharing your guitars, pedals, amps, synths, drums, etc. Where the site comes into its own, though, are […]


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As a child, I was fascinated by silence. That is not to say the times in which I was quiet were plentiful; quite the opposite in fact – even as a child it was difficult to shut me up, much to the eternal frustration of my mother. Despite a propensity for singing and chatting, at […]