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The Proust Questionnaire

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Every few years I find myself answering the Proust Questionnaire to see how my answers change over time. The famed questionnaire itself came from a French parlour game and, though not devised by Marcel Proust, he certainly popularised it with… Read More »The Proust Questionnaire

Reviewing Past Work

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Nestling underneath my spasmodic impostor syndrome, I am told I have the particular affliction of being far too hard on myself. The practical upshot of this, of course, is that photographs good enough to make my edit, don’t. I see… Read More »Reviewing Past Work

Warsaw Pride 2023

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In the 3 years since the pandemic lockdown forced the cancellation of Warsaw’s parada równości, the celebration of equality, the event, as it has returned, has been unmissable. Last year, due to the many refugees fleeing the War in Ukraine,… Read More »Warsaw Pride 2023