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Photograph of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland, 2008

By the age of 25 I had flown on a plane only twice in my life. Childhood holidays occasioned the rare trip down to England, but most often were spent in the Scottish highlands. The following decade saw this change with an explosion of trips that took in several continents and countless cities but my heart seemed always to remain in the Scottish highlands. Even a decade of life in Poland couldn’t temper that.

Of course in many travels I’ve taken photographs – some, the express purpose of the trip (some, I even got paid). I’ve photographed the tourist traps, I’ve shot off the beaten track, and I’ve tried to make pictures that will both remind me of the trip, and not bore those that ask me of the trip after the fact.

Collecting this set of photos in the midst of a global pandemic reminded me how lucky we all are to be able to travel and enjoy the experiences we do. In recent, complacent, years, I feel I may have forgotten that.

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