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Radio Kapitał Episode S02E03 – 04/02/2021

Neil Milton Listens To… on Radio Kapitał

As we move into February and the snow is falling, the temperature is dropping, and the skies change from a snowy grey-white to a beautiful blue, there’s no better time to dig out some music from the back catalogue of one of the more enigmatic independent record labels out there – Montreal’s Constellation Records. Home to some beautiful music indeed.

This third episode of what is our second season of this series contains music from a wide variety of artists. Perfect listening as the snow falls.

RADIO KAPITAŁ Episode 3: Neil Milton Listens to… The Music of Constellation Records: Part 1

1. Sofa – Canyon (Fade)
2. Glissandro 70 – Something
3. Jessica Moss – Glaciers 1 pt. 1
4. Colin Stetson – Clothed in the Skin of the Dead
5. Sarah Neufeld – Wrong Thought
6. Do Make Say Think – The Landlord is Dead
7. Black Ox Orkestar – Kalarash
8. Matana Roberts – Lulla/Bye
9. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – BBF3

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