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Radio Kapitał Episode 25 – 29/10/2020

Neil Milton Listens To… on Radio Kapitał

Music without lyrics, while not being as immediately accessible to some as those with words, can often be as or even more emotionally affecting. The first instrumental post-rock record I heard was Mogwai’s Young Team record and it opened to the door to a whole world of music that has made my life infinitely better. Bands from the ‘Gwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor through to You Slut! And 65daysofstatic have provided me with laughter, tears, hope, and inspiration ever since. For October, I decided to dip in to some of the best the instrumental side of post-rock has to offer.

RADIO KAPITAŁ Episode 25: Neil Milton Listens To… Instrumental Post-Rock: Part 3

1. Mogwai – How to be a Werewolf
2. Rowan – Bible Silver Corner
3. Sigur rós – Untitled (Samskeyti)
4. Neil Milton – Begin Anywhere
5. Troika – Between the Cracks in the Piano
6. Slint – Rhoda (oops! Played in in last week’s show too)
7. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – BBF3

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