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Radio Kapitał Episode 18 – 02/04/2020

Neil Milton Listens To… on Radio Kapitał

In 2001, to release my band’s first single, I emulated my indie heroes, The Delgados, and created my own label to do just that. The Delgados created Chemikal Underground 25 years ago to release their debut single, Monica Webster. A quarter of a century later, and the label is the most recognisable and acclaimed Scottish indie, responsible for releases from bands like Mogwai, Bis, Aereogramme, Arab Strap, El Hombre Trajeado, and many others.

Episode 18 of the show is the first of 3 celebratory episodes congratulating Chemikal Underground for their 25th anniversary.

RADIO KAPITAŁ Episode 18: Neil Milton Listens to… The Music of Chemikal Underground: Part 1

1. The Delgados – Monica Webster
2. Bis – Kandy Pop
3. De Rosa – Flight Recorder
4. Malcolm Middleton – Devil and the Angel
5. Suckle – So Happy Before
6. The Phantom Band – Halfhound
7. Miaoux Miaoux – School of Velocity
8. Arab Strap – (Afternoon) Soaps
9. El Hombre Trajeado – Half Cab
10. Lord Cut-Glass – Holy Fuck!
11. Holy Mountain – Tokyo
12. Citizen Bravo, Raymond MacDonald, and Friends – Beautiful Cosmos
13. Aereogramme – The Art of Belief

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