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2020 began at a pace that surprised even me – and I’m someone who uses the new year like a stretched and primed elastic band, ready to ping my plans and me into swift, expeditious action. By the end of the first week of January, I’d clocked up 21 hours of guitar practice, 8 new song ideas, 1 album and 1 e.p. learned, 6 books read, 5 movies watched, and a partridge hoping to escape the pear tree for another year.

And the year has continued at that pace: To date, dozens of song ideas recorded on my phone, or on Logic Pro; several demos and recordings started, continued, finished; 31 books read; 42 movies watched; 222 hours guitar practice; 3 albums and 1 e.p. learned; 1 Rickenbacker purchased; and for my birthday, 1 trip to Scotl… Ah, no, no, no.

You see, as my 41st birthday was approaching like a slow-motion bus crash, the world decided it had had quite enough of my optimistic and productive 2020 thank you very much, and coughed up the rather belligerent Covid-19. I can’t remember, and it would take 30 seconds to check, the exact date Poland was tightened down. (Historians, feel free to exit through the gift shop). It was a couple of weeks post-Italy. Since then though, I’ve been self-isolating the fuck out of this thing.

I could while away the hours (if I only had a brain) playing video games, or watching the multitudinous TV shows and movies on my watchlist, or read the (literally? Literary?) 100s of books on my reading list – and to be fair, as this goes on, I probably will – but for now, I have the strong desire to be as creative and productive as I can.

Of course performing with the band has proven to be impossible in this time, and so we’re on an enforced hiatus, but it’s my intention to be ready with so much music when we get ourselves back together, that we won’t know quite what to do with ourselves. And in addition to that, I’ve begun working on my new solo record also. And then there’s the other thing, but I’m not speaking about the other thing until the other thing is a thing.

So I’m back to this blog. To write (often parenthetically) about my work, my music, my pets, my guitars, my life, my love, and my voracious pop-culture diet – which, as was recently said to me, is somewhat more nutritious than my actual diet. That’s fair.

More soon.

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