Guitar Lessons

Playing music is fulfilling and great fun – whether strumming at home on your own, or jamming with others in a band.

Beginning guitar for the first time may seem daunting – the strings, the frets, the notes, the chords – but it is a surprisingly short journey from beginner to playing your first song. After that, it’s a gradual climb to improving with every step taken.

Learning from an experienced musician, songwriter, and teacher will give you the best path to turn your musical ambitions into a melodious passion.

I offer individual lessons in English language in contemporary, rock, pop, and most ‘indie’ and ‘post-‘ genres of music.

Most beginners have a specific goal in mind. This may be improving technique, learning certain songs, or even writing songs of their own.

Our lesson plan will be structured with your goal in mind and with a view to improving wider performance; from the fundamentals of playing guitar, through to more advanced techniques that will improve your performance.

As such, I do not follow a concrete teaching method but design each lesson around the individual student to achieve short, medium, and long-term goals. Lessons then are ad hoc lesson plans using examples from the student’s favourite, songs, bands, and genres.

Do you want to improve your performance or begin a new hobby?

Fill in our form, tell us a little about you, and we’ll be in touch to discuss an introductory lesson.


  • Trial lesson (70zł)
  • 30 minutes (60zł) – For children. A shorter lesson time not to overwhelm.
  • 45 minutes (80zł) – The most popular lesson length, to allow revision, learning, and setting homework.
Payment options

30 minutes

  1. Per Lesson – See left panel
  2. Per Month – 4x 270zł (18 lessons across 5 months, classes held once a week)
  3. Per Semester – 1060zł (18 lessons across 5 months, classes held once a week)
45 minutes
  1. Per Lesson – See left panel
  2. Per Month – 4x 360zł (18 lessons across 5 months, classes held once a week)
  3. Per Semester – 1420zł (18 lessons across 5 months, classes held once a week)

Cancellations will happen, but as much notice as possible is preferred. Cancellations shorter than 24 hours will still be charged at the agreed rate.



From jaggy, off-kilter lo-fi to icy, delay-soaked post-rock; from beautiful, piano-led modern-classical to glacial, shimmering ambient music: The scope of Neil Milton’s musical output has been anything but narrow. After a short break spent remixing others, he has returned with another change of direction, towards his love for harmony-rich, 60s-inspired indie-pop. C86 dreaming of ’68, you might say.” So began a review of Neil Milton’s recorded work.

Neil picked up a guitar, aged 15, after hearing the raw fuzz of R.E.M.’s “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”, and he’s never really looked back. Now 41 years old, he has 26 years experience of the instrument, and much time spent as a recording artist, as a live musician, and as a guitar teacher.

At 19, in Glasgow, Neil started the post-punk band, Troika; and at the age of 30 he moved to Poland to begin writing and recording as a solo artist. In 2014, he formed the post-rock band The Frozen North where he performed across Poland, on radio and on live television. In 2019, he formed his current group, the retro-pop band, Pop-up Books, who performed at the 10th anniversary of TEDxWarsaw.

Throughout his time in Poland, Neil has been teaching guitar privately, and in 2019 began teaching the instrument at the International European School in Warsaw. He founded Southpaw Guitar School in 2020.