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Radio Kapitał Episode 17 – 19/03/2020

Neil Milton Listens To… on Radio Kapitał

This month, I started reading Holly George-Warren’s excellent biography of Big Star’s Alex Chilton, and it prompted this month’s direction. For March, we’re heading down an avenue of vocal harmonies, chiming guitars, and pounding drums.

Episode 17 of the show is the second and final of a 2-part series of listening to Power Pop.

RADIO KAPITAŁ Episode 17: Neil Milton Listens to… Power Pop: Part 2

1. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
2. The Go-Gos – We Got The Beat
3. Raspberries – Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
4. R.E.M. – Pop Song ’89
5. Badfinger – If You Want It
6. The Beatles – Paperback Writer
7. Boyfriends – I’m In Love Today
8. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and We Know How To Use It!! – Pink Sunshine
9. Smudge – Ingrown
10. Babys – If You’ve Got the Time
11. The Heaters – Put on the Heat
12. Cheap Trick – Come on, Come On
13. Shivvers – Teenline
14. Blondie – One Way or Another
15. The Posies – Dream All Day

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