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BFI 100: 91 – My Name is Joe (1998)

Here we continue, what will probably eventually become known as, the ill-fated journey of watching each of the British Film Institute’s 100 best films of the 20th Century. Starting at 100 and working my way to Orson Welles’ The Third Man at number 1. I’ll try to keep these blogs relatively spoiler free and I’ll consider them only a small record of moving through this series.

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I’ve been looking forward to number 91 since I started this a couple of weeks ago. My Name is Joe is the first of the films so far that I’ve previously seen, the first Ken Loach film in the list and the first to star one of my favourite actors, Peter Mullan (a man I had the pleasure of taking film-still photos of back in 2009 and who took me for a drink afterwards – an absolute gent.) – it is also one of my all-time favourite films. Ken Loach, as he is wont to do, crafts a beautiful, stark, bittersweet and traumatic drama that leaves eyes moist and hearts sore by the end. Mullan is perfect as the Glaswegian ex-alcoholic Joe Kavanagh and Louise Goodall is a lovely foil as health visitor, Sarah; and as with many films set in Glasgow, the city itself takes on a subtle role as a character in itself. Despite always looking forward to watching this film, the end is a difficult watch but I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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